OK–I’ve been negligent

I have been busy on my own startup, and have been ignoring my angel investments, much less my angel blog. But great things happened this year:

Exits from Crashlytics (to Twitter), Localmind (to AirBnB), UpNext (Amazon), Incentive Marketing (Google), Pluromed (Sanofi), a merger for Draker Labs, as well as some successful B rounds for a few other companies. It’s hot out there in AngelLand, no doubt helped by a surging Dow Jones average.

I expect to continue to invest in companies I see through Techstars, but otherwise I’m only investing in entrepreneurs I already know or who come to me from fellow investors who are already investing–just too jammed to spend much time in due diligence, although that was never my strong point anyway.

So entrepreneurs, if I don’t know you already, thanks for thinking of me, but I’m mostly working on getting BuysideFX to be a killer startup.

Will try to get another post out sometime on an airplane flight, but otherwise, happy investing and happy startups!

4 thoughts on “OK–I’ve been negligent

    1. Hi Frank: thanks, I’ve been meaning to tap your expertise on selling fintech to the Street. In Europe now, but would love to do a web demo for your feedback upon my return.


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