Help! Looking for Feedback on my Startup’s Website

As readers know, I’ve been slowing down my angel investing, not to mention angel blogging,  because I’m back in the game with another startup. We’ve changed the company name to BuysideFX (more descriptive than the old one, which also sounded too close to another firm in the FX space,) and we just launched our website this week. I’d welcome any input you sharp-eyed angels have. What on the site needs work, is distracting, or is missing? I’m not expecting anyone to actually know about our obscure fintech field in fintech that’s halfway between systems and trading, but I know you guys have opinions on things like the use of video, copy, social media, etc. The point is only to get a conversation started.

One of the things we want to do is to let people know that we totally understand the state-of-=the-art, but find it lacking, and we’re looking to build the next generation of system tools. To establish that authority, what should we be doing? Posting blogs? Short film clips? Long classes? Animated slideshows? Demos (well, can’t do that yet, but soon)?  So far, we’ve posted some Soundcloud podcasts with some combination of 2-4 of us informally chatting. We wholesale copied this idea from Spark Capital’s Bijan and Nabeel’s Hallway Chats
–except instead of being in the hallway, we’re doing it with pancakes and coffee.

#1 Algos Gone Wild:Speculating About the Knightmare

#2  Simplicity: Designing Buyside Systems for FX

#3 Integration Headaches

#4 Best Execution–What the heck is that?

#5 What Do You Track–A Currency or a Pair?

Note that SoundCloud is really meant to be something you listen to casually on the go off of your smartphone, rather than at a computer.  Does this work? Or do we need to make it a more formal, filmed version? The way I’m figuring it, these are good enough for now, and as we create additional, perhaps more polished content, we can start getting choosier. But if we waited for perfection, we’d never ship.

We chose podcasting over video because we wanted to bang these out quickly and easily, rather than spend a lot of time polishing words, or worse yet, editing video. My guess is that when we find a rich vein of content sitting around the breakfast table, we can rework it into a traditional written  blogpost.  My guess is that this is an easier way we can do lightweight interviews with industry movers and shakers, but it could be that we’d be better off with some other media.

To date three of us have started blogging about next big thing in the fintech market for FX on our Tumblr blog, which seems to work well enough. Here, for example, is my piece on “iTunes for FX”, which lays out our inspiration and ideal for an FX system. Any retweets welcome, and feel free to follow our new Twitter account.

But overall, have we tried to cram too much in? If the media is the message and we want a simple, clear statement that reflects our priorities, I’d just as soon have a minimal website with two pages: one of who we are and how to contact us, and the other a demo of our product. But face it–the product will be in development over the next few months as we finish up our coding. When we get there, we’ll poll you again.

Thanks in advance for all thoughts–we are financial market people, not website designers. (Recommendations for all designers welcome, but especially this UX Interaction expert, who we are searching for right now.)

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