Everything You Wanted to Know About Boards:Touring the Blogoverse

I’m taking part in a StartupVT conference and will be on a panel speaking about Boards. Here are some of my favorite knowledge bombs dropped by an all-star cast of entrepreneurs and investors. Just last week came this explanation of Advisory Boards vs. Fiduciary Boards from Christopher Mirabile. With that in mind, let’s take a tour of VentureHacks and AskTheVC. ADVISORS From VentureHacks:

And from AskTheVC: http://www.askthevc.com/wp/archives/category/advisorsBOARDS From VentureHacks:

From AskTheC
  •  These posts  focus more on the legal corporate Board of Directors, while this compilation goes to making board meetings more efficient and effective.
The Rest of the Blogoverse
You can search for Board of Directors on Quora (a little more scattered, with a variety of crowdsourced opinions) or on any other the good angel blogposts (like Will Herman’s “2-speed” ) to get more than you’ll ever want to know. I especially like Will’s advice…and he’s been on both sides of a lot of boards. Or just search away.

As for my best personal board stories, here is a link to my speech at Silicon Valley Bank on how I recruited an Advisory Board for my first company, eSecLending.  My new company, FX Aligned, has a 3 person corporate board (me, the lead VC, and an independent board member chosen by me), but I’ve got a stacked Advisory Board, filled with great people chosen to help me with specific competencies. But unfortunately, we have yet all to get together for a dinner. I’ve got to get working on that. Happy reading.

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