Why I Love My Banker

“Why I love my banker” is a line I never thought I’d write. After college, I applied for a job in a bank training program, got accepted, but never went after hearing from a family friend and high ranking banker that I would be miserable as a banker, that I just had the wrong genetic makeup.

Bill Warner, me and SVB’s secret weapon, Tuan Pham

That may still be the case, but I am totally compelled to tell everyone how good Tuan Pham of Silicon Valley Bank really is. Not Tuan “Kid Thunder” Pham, (who if his stats are correct must be the shortest fighter on the planet,) but this guy, who not only is incredibly hard working but is just plain nice.

What little banking business my new company does is unprofitable for the bank. But Tuan, who is everywhere in Cambridge, is always checking in to see how he can help. How about this: when I mentioned I was going in to be presenting to one VC, he rounded up a half-dozen entrepreneurs who had been funded by that company to dissect my new pitch. And since I wasn’t getting into Boston until 9pm that night, he hosted it at his apartment and made it a working party. And since it was going to be late and I was from out of town, he put me up in the spare bedroom in his apartment!  This ain’t no ordinary service provider.

Last night I was at a SVB event, and was one of many entrepreneurs attending. (Yes, I was the oldest.) And another entrepreneur said to me “You know what’s different about Tuan? He really cares.”

Entrepreneurs and angels, if you ever need a banker, look this guy up.

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