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I’ve started a new company, and right now I’m just focusing on recruiting the right talent, be that employees, advisors, or investors. And tonight I talked to a potential recruit who wanted to know what the option package would look like. Rather than recreate the wheel, I turned to VentureHacks, in particular this classic post, and I forwarded it along so the person could get a perspective.

However, the new kid on the answer block (or rather the old kid, but just back in the neighborhood since July) is AsktheVC.  This resource had gone in hibernation for about a year and a half, but came back better than ever. Originally sourced only from the Foundry Group, the site now is a “Best of” type reader with contributions from dozens of VCs from all over.

Check it out. As well as this great series of links to all the current top VC bloggers.


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  1. Kip Steele Reply

    Any chance you will be at the VT Tech Jam later this month?

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