Back Unto the Breach

FX AlignedI haven’t posted, tweeted, commented, attended angel meetings, or otherwise engaged in weeks. And most likely I won’t be for several more weeks, as… I’m starting a new company!  It’s called FX Aligned, and it will introduce 3rd party trading desk services for institutional investors in the world’s biggest market, the $4-5 trillion DAILY foreign exchange market. And just like Jake and Elwood, the Blues Brothers, I’m “on a mission from God, and I’m getting the band back together again.”

The company just incorporated, I’ve been busy with all the prosaic annoyances like finding office space, lining up credit cards, filing 83(b) paperwork, etc. Don’t even have a landing page up yet on While I actually have some backlog of first drafts of blogposts, I’m not going to spend time on polishing them up until I need a break…which may not be until the snow flies. In the meantime, you can always see who I’m following on Twitter–it’s all startup stuff–and let me know what I’m missing.

And you can help me–I’m a big believer that stealth is bad, ideas are cheap, and it’s all about execution. If you know of people who are fluent in the world of foreign exchange, please introduce me. While it’s a cousin of securities lending, where I spent the last 10 years, I’ve still got lots to learn, and I’m looking forward to diving in.

Thanks in advance,


12 thoughts on “Back Unto the Breach

  1. Kip Steele Reply

    Congrats TY! Where are you setting up shop?

    1. Ty Danco Reply

      Initially in Burlington, VT, but going forward there will be multiple offices, location TBD, but most likely next one in London or SF.

  2. Jason Evanish Reply

    Congrats Ty!

    The bet thing for Boston is more investors like you who Invest in companies without a lot of bs, share their knowledge (love your blog) and aren’t afraid to get back on the entrepreneur side of the fence.

    Best of luck in the new venture!
    – Jason

  3. Aude-Olivia Dufour (@audolivia) Reply

    I wish you all the success on your new company!

  4. Reed Sturtevant (@reedsturtevant) Reply


    1. Ty Danco Reply

      Just getting prepared to apply to the first TechStars Burlington class…

      1. peter Reply

        Techstars Burlington? There appears to be no public information about techstars forming in Burlington. Can you shed light on this for other entrepreneurs?

        1. Ty Danco Reply

          Peter, I was just kidding. TechStars is a fantastic program, but it is only in 4 cities now. They are supportive of anyone looking to copy their model, and in fact have open-sourced their core documents. I know of at least one serious effort of people to create something in one narrow vertical, sort of a cross between TechStars and Marlboro Music Festival, but we’ll just have to see if that takes off.

      2. peter Reply

        Yeah, your humor went over my head. But the possiblility of a vertical program in Vt sounds exciting and could bring a number of companies to operate in Vt. Hope it happens.

  5. Ben Carcio Reply

    Good luck Ty!! Has the teacher has now become the student?

    1. Ty Danco Reply

      Yeah, payback is a bitch. Time for some enforced humility lessons!

  6. Scott Worley Reply

    Welcome back to the real world, more fun here… also best of luck going forward!


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