Angel Rewards–It’s the Little Things

Just got back from 2 days in Boston talking to MassChallenge companies and 1 day in NYC with TechStars. (Go Ordr.In! Go SideTour!)While I had a lot of meetings and was overscheduled, it was massively fun. But the highlight to me was when Cynthia Smith of Lynx Sportswear came up to me and started profusely thanking me. I recognized her, but didn’t know why she was signalling me out. I remember hearing her pitch, but sportswear–especially women’s sportswear–isn’t something I know anything about, nothing I would ever invest in, and I had no clue why she was happy.

Cynthia Smith of Lynx Sportswear

I’d totally forgotten I’d written an intro to her to Vermont State Senator Hinda Miller, entrepreneur extraordinaire, founder of JogBra, and it is all working out. Now Cynthia has just the help and advice I couldn’t give her. It’s like leveraging happiness: 1 watt of effort going in, 1000 watts of satisfaction coming out. While it takes years to get a return on an investment, this paid instant psychic dividends.

Cynthia’s is the classic entrepreneur tale. She started a company because she just HAD to, she was on a mission. (Here’s her story via video.) It’s not easy to stop being a lawyer to start a business from scratch with nothing but a prototype. But she’s making it work.  If you know any active women who run, have them check out Lynx Sportswear. Here’s a video clip of Cynthia talking about why she founded her company, and follow her startup adventure here on Twitter.

2 thoughts on “Angel Rewards–It’s the Little Things

  1. angelinvestors8 Reply

    Cynthia’s story is very inspirational. There’s nothing like drive and desperation to drive an entrepreneur forward.

  2. Bjorn Roche Reply

    Cool. Cynthia told me about getting set up with Hinda Miller. Great you were able to set that up for her!

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