Portfolio Company Update: Incentive Targeting

I invested in Incentive Targeting in either 2009-2010–it was a deal that took a good while to close, as it had for that time a record number of angel groups in the East Coast. (If you want to hear that story, Frank Peters interviewed lead deal negotiator Michael Mark, first champions and syndicate wranglers D.R. Widder and Paul Silva, and me in 2010 in his show “The Definitive Guide to Herding Cats”,) and I followed on with a second investment this year.

Incentive Targeting, simply put, targets grocery shoppers with incentives, i.e., appropriate coupons based on loyalty card data. This is going to be a field with a lot of innovation, with smartphones probably becoming more key as NFC (near field communications) lead to new capabilities like a wallet-within-a-phone. That is still developing, but another area where Incentive Targeting is already launching is bringing collective buying to loyalty cards via their business development deal with Groupon.

Here’s Don Dodge’s blog talking about theIncentive Targeting/Groupon deal. I love enterprise deals, and I especially like when people take ideas that work in one field and transfer them to new areas. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel, just repurpose it.

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