My favorite reading from the week of May 15

And the awards go to:

Rob Go of NextView Ventures for his post on considerations  for the ideal seed round composition; and also to Roger Ehrenberg of IA Ventures for his complementary piece on finding the right investors for the mission.  Startup guys raising their rounds now, read these two article pronto;

Fred Destin of Atlas as part of a really good angel panel, which among other things, talks about how the speed of AngelList threatens traditional (and slow) angel groups;

Fred Wilson of USV for his post on Sizing Option Pools in Connection with Financings;

From more than a week ago, but I just listened to (and can read here) a podcast by Mark Suster with Joel Spolsky of StackOverflow; and while we’re at it, his excellent article on building an entrepreneurial community (take note, Burlington…)

Delighted to read all articles about the terrific success of the LinkedIn IPO! Congrats CardMunchers! Here’s my favorite article, via Greg Gomer of BostInnovation.

Also happy to see this video interview and article about my latest investment, Saygent, here on TechCrunch. Congrats Guy and Mariya!

And last bit, which I’ll revisit when I continue my blog posts on MicroVCs, David Lerner’s interview with Jeff Clavier.


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