Best Post on Financing a Startup I’ve Read

Stop reading this and go straight to the wonderful article by David Skok of Matrix Partners entitled

Cash is King: 8 tips for Optimizing your Startup Financing Strategy.

The article covers a broad range of issues, from milestone planning to amount of extra runway required, all of which add up to THE most important startup objective: ensuring your company doesn’t run out of cash.  David, incidentally, was described to me by a current TechStars company as the “highest value provider” of all of the TechStars Boston mentors they worked with–which must be very high praise indeed.

A tip of the hat to the excellent digest Venture Fizz for finding this article. Scroll through the Voices section (aka the blog) to see all the guest articles they’ve assembled.

2 thoughts on “Best Post on Financing a Startup I’ve Read

  1. Keith Cline Reply

    Hi Ty,

    Thanks for the nice comments on VentureFizz. We appreciate it and thanks for your contributions & support!

    Best, Keith

  2. Luc Levesque Reply

    Great financing post… I hadn’t seen that one yet. Thanks for sharing Ty.

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