5 thoughts on “Why Montreal is Ripe for Angel Investors

  1. James: This is something I’m still working out. The biggest challenge has been eliminated via the removal of Section 116 Tax barriers, which previously had meant the necessity for filing a Canadian income tax return. Additionally, for Montreal companies, MTL now has, according to KPMG, the 4th lowest business tax cost of 41 global cities. By means of comparison, a basic 2010 Federal and State/Province tax rate on business income was 29.9% for QC, 32.5% for TX, 37.5% for MA, and 43.5% for NY.

    The other juice is Quebec throwing money at the engineering/programming side of the equation via subsidies, as well as large sidecar funds (e.g., $20mm alongside money raised by Anges Quebec) given by the province. So, that’s one reason I’m bullish: as evidence, I just joined Anges Quebec. (But ironically, I’m now looking at a company which left MTL to go to Silicon Valley. Will be interested in learning more from the entrepreneur when I talk to him today.)

  2. Curious what you would identify as some of the mechanical challenges and opportunities of angel/VC investing across our northern border. Taxation, governance, standard term differences, etc.

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