Top 4, err, 5, make that 7 Web Analytics sites? Help!

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I need to do a post (or one of these days just update the Topics Page) on Web Analytics and Social Media.  More importantly, I have to learn more about these things myself, so for now I’m just going to quickly pass along this great link here by @Avinash.

Avinash is my favorite read to date,  including lots of beginner guides as well as more advanced stuff I haven’t tackled yet. This website already links to posts with Dave McClure on his pirate analytics, Dharmesh Shah of HubSpot,  and David Cancel of Performable, but I’ll need to include others, like Hiten Shah‘s Kissmetrics,, and the big freebie, Google Analytics.  And of course, almost all of these guys are interviewed somewhere on Mixergy.

I’m guessing I can do a better job of crowdsourcing this via this post and a question on Quora. If you post some suggestions below, I’ll check them out and try to repost in a month or two after digesting the answers. Thanks–this is super relevant for several of my angel investments. And this old dog needs several new tricks.

3 thoughts on “Top 4, err, 5, make that 7 Web Analytics sites? Help!

  1. Ty Danco Reply

    New answer to “Web Analytics: What are the best resources to learn about web analytics in general?”

    Sarah Hodges:
    Start measuring something! I agree with the great advice found in the comments so far, and will add a few more resources/suggestions:

    Read, write, practice, analyze and optimize. Then, start over.
    Start a blog and write on topic you’re passionate about.
    Create a Google Analytics account and install GA on your blog.
    Consider installing other free analytics tools on your blog, such as Crazy Egg (heat map tool), 4Q (task completion survey tool). GA is a fantastic starting point, but you may want to cast a wider net to build up a broader portfolio of knowledge, and to complement insight from GA.
    Start following the #measure tag on Twitter; there are some analytics superstars using this tag, and you’ll learn a lot from reading/interacting.
    Read anything and everything Avinash Kaushik has ever written.
    Check out these blogs from awesome practitioners:
    – Rudi Shumpert
    – Jason Thompson
    – Kevin Rogers
    – James Dutton
    – Adam Greco http://adam.webanalyticsdemystif
    Sign up to be a ‘student’ on the Analysis Exchange; work on a project for an organization in need alongside an expert mentor.

    If you’re interested in a career that may also require to build out your knowledge of paid platforms, start by reading their blogs. Though context is always helpful, you can learn a lot from pros before ever shelling over $ to implement the tools.

  2. Ty Danco Reply

    As for the “Quora of Social”, one potential claimant is
    One sample answer from there:

    There is no single best monitoring tool, only a best for what you are doing. I suggest a four part process.

    1. Establish your baseline objectives2. Shop around, sit in on webinars and demo as many monitoring tools as possible3. Figure out which pricing structure suits your objective best4. Select tool

    Must look at’s Radian 6, People Browser,, Sysomos, and Alterian. I also suggest checking out Scout labs, and Social Mention.

  3. Ty Danco Reply

    While not analytics, here is a list of some good social marketing blogs:
    Marketing Blogs
    Inbound Marketing University
    Inkling Media
    MarketingProfs Daily
    Seth Godin Blog
    Social Media Examiner
    Web Ink Now

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