Vermontrepreneurs: Monthly MeetUps Starting Feb 8

Vermont Growth Company Meetup

Silicon Valley has Buck’s. Cambridge has the Voltage Cafe and the @venturecafe. Where do entrepreneurs, VCs, angels, and startup professionals go to gather in VT?  Well, first and foremost, there’s Vermont Venture Network, which has been meeting monthly in Burlington for more than 20 years, led by Ken Merritt of Merritt, Merritt & Moulton.  And there are monthly meetings of North Country Angels (Montpelier), the Vermont Software Developers Alliance (Winooski), the Vermont Biosciences Alliance, and I’m sure other groups (feel free to add your links in the comment section.) All of these groups have agendas, speakers, and an important place in our startup ecosystem.

But before now, no spur of the moment, tweetup type of deal.  In a low density area like Vermont we need to create as much serendipity and interaction of startups as possible. So hats off to FreshTracks Capital for creating the opportunity. Lee Bouyea and Cairn Cross have opened up a Facebook Group entitled Vermont Growth Company Meetup to bring like minds together, to pitch ideas, meet people, and generally stir the pot a little bit. Don’t care if you’re a student or a serial entrepreneur with a couple of exits. Let’s start something meaningful!

The first meetup has been scheduled for late morning Tues Feb 8 in Burlington. RSVP here, and sign up for the Facebook group here. The plan is to hold these monthly, alternating between morning coffee and happy hour. See you there, invite an entrepreneur and spread the word!

4 thoughts on “Vermontrepreneurs: Monthly MeetUps Starting Feb 8

  1. rogerT Reply

    Will there be any other mechanism to exchange information other than facebook? I am very leery of using their services for anything other than personal tripe. LinkedIn is OK – so far – they haven’t spread my information where I didn’t want it to go.

    1. Ty Danco Reply

      Hi Roger: Just show up at the Meetup! However, if you want to get on a mail list, contact Cairn Cross or Lee Bouyea at FreshTracks Capital. We undoubtedly can set up some type of email address exchange.

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