My Angel Resolutions for 2011

My angel resolutions for 2011


Audit Gregg Fairbrothers’ winter term entrepreneurship class at Tuck;

Read Tom Eisenmann’s syllabus on Startups for his class at Harvard Business School;

Study web and social media metrics, and test that knowledge with portfolio companies that are most needy;

Attend the 2011 Angel Capital Association Annual Meeting in Boston;

Become familiar with the Montreal early stage investment sector;

Visit 3+ new angel groups;

Go back and review comments on favorite blog posts, and not just the posts.


Minimum 6, maximum 12 deals. More emphasis on mobile, less on healthcare than in 2010; 100% of deals with prototypes done, 66% with revenues;

Hold the line on valuations, and not be afraid to sit out the dance if things get frothy;

Lead at least 1 deal;

Call each portfolio company at least quarterly to see where they need help;

Read ALL the fine print on deals before signing;

Keep track of business expenses religiously


Corral a dozen successful Vermont resident entrepreneurs and investors to act as mentors for a VT Startup competition in 2012, and help make it happen.  4 down, 8 to go. (If you fit this description, call me!)

Something between 50 and 100 original blog posts on this website, with 1 substantial one every other week. And investigate integrating some podcast interviews a la Mixergy and TWIVC.

Try for 5-10 retweets weekly of good comments that haven’t been broadly followed.

Contribute to the virtual community by averaging a comment a day on one of the blogs I follow

Mentor at:   TechStars BostonCapitalInnovation in Montreal; Tuck Business school events; MassChallenge 2011; and locally to any and all Vermont startups.

Answer some Quora questions, not just ask them;

Drive less, video Skype more;

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