Where are Startup Investors Going for News? Answer is…

This question was recently posted on Quora. Lots of interesting answers, with a few sources that I haven’t looked at yet. Here’s a link to the Quora responses, and I will check them out and start integrating the good ones into the blog under the News and Resources tab.

What are the most commonly read tech blogs/news sites among Silicon Valley VCs and Angel Investors?

Shervin Pishevar, Entrepreneur, Angel Investor, Startup… 

31 votes by Anon User, Daniel BrusilovskyLucretia M Pruitt(more)
I religiously read: 

HackerNews (http://news.ycombinator.com/)
InsideSocialGames (www.insidesocialgames.com)
Reddit Technology (http://www.reddit.com/r/technology/)
InsideFacebook (www.insidefacebook.com)
NY Times Bits (tech blog) and DealBook (http://bits.blogs.nytimes.com/)
Daily visit to Appdata for Facebook apps (www.appdata.com)
Daily visit to Top App Charts for iPhone apps (http://www.topappcharts.com/)
148apps (http://148apps.biz/)

I also read Businessweek, Economist, Fortune and Forbes blogs and magazines.

I find a lot of information via even more sites via the people I follow on Twitter and the friends I have on Facebook.

I’ve used Flipboard and Pulse News Mini off and on to experiment with discovery.

Enjoy. Other responses mentioned Business Insider, old stalwarts like the Wall St Journal, etc. I’ll experiment around, and I’ll update my “News and Resources” tab once I’ve taken some of these sites out for a spin. Happy hunting!

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