Being Selfish and Giving Back at the Same Time

I’m writing this strictly for me. For my benefit, to dig deeper, to be able to explain myself, to vent, and to try to improve my investing. And to help spread some ideas on how to improve Vermont’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.  But consider it open source for my fellow entrepreneurs and angels.  Everything I find useful, I’ll be posting, with the goal of making this site a giant curated library. Feel free to make suggestions, because this is a work in progress, and I know I’m missing a lot of useful material on building and investing in startups. I’m going to borrow liberally from some of the masters, and hopefully I’ll attribute whenever possible. But thanks to the folks I enjoy reading most: Steve Blank, Mark Suster, Dave McClure, Dharmesh Shah, Paul Graham, Fred Wilson, Brad FeldBijan Sabet, Rob Go, Eric Ries, Sim Simeonov;  as well as those whose podcasts help so much: Tina Seelig of Stanford, Mark Suster again, Jason Calacanis, Frank Peters, Andrew Warner. Not to mention the serious academics (like Clayton Christensen), writers (like Scott Kirsner, Wade Roush, Dan Primack), and the people who do so much to stir the pot, like Gregg Fairbrothers and Fred Wainwright at Tuck, the incredible crowd in Boston ESPECIALLY John Harthorne and Akhil Nigam at MassChallenge, and most importantly, those New England angels like Michael Mark of Walnut Ventures and Reg Gignoux and Ken Merritt of North Country Angels who continue to teach me a lot.

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