The Mascot Exercise

Techstars does lots of stuff just for fun to get the teams to know each other better. San Antonio organizes games of Werewolf, Boulder does hikes, and Boston did an Outward Bound adventure. My co-director Eveline proposed a mascot game where, like a Secret Santa game, each company draws another company at random and has […]

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@Techstars Mentor @PaulFord

Paul Ford is not your typical suit. He has one of the more colorful backgrounds of our mentors–from being one of five official “Entrepreneurs-In-Residence” for the United States to his time as a paratrooper jumping out of airplanes in darkness and blowing things up (necessary skills for any founder). This is why I love being […]

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I am pretty sure that what most of the teams need on July 4th is to catch up on their Zzzzzs. Me too. Happy 4th, everyone.

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Mentor Dinner @Techstars

I finally have time to write about Mentor Dinner many weeks after the fact. But first, let’s recap how we got there. As you recall, we had had at least half of the class move in prior to the official start date. June 4 started two days of “getting to know you” sessions, followed by […]

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